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Expat Counseling in English in Spain

Making the big decision of moving abroad can bring a number of challenges that we might be facing for the first time.

It is a great opportunity for personal and professional growth and can be very valuable for our life goals helping you achieve what really matters to you.

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Elena Arzak Psicología

This transformative experience can be a source of empowerment and an opportunity for personal fulfillment. 

However, this process can also be very stressful and difficult.

Meeting new people
Adapting to a new country requires meeting new people. Feelings of loneliness or our lack of social skills can be something to work on.
Missing family and friends
Being away from the people we love. Missing family and friends can bring emotions like sadness or fear making it very hard to start enjoying the experience.
Language problem
Problems speaking the new language can make easy daily activities a lot harder and very frustrating.
Feeling confused with your identity.
There are some associated emotional difficulties with being away from your country such as feeling confused with your identity. You don’t feel like belonging to the new country yet nor you country of origin. Suddenly you feel out of place from both sides.
Cultural differences
You may face several Cultural differences that can make you feel sadness or frustration sometimes.
New challenges
Professional or academic challenges and new ways of working.
Managing your stress
Stress can be overwhelming and requires adaptive coping mechanisms.
Lefting behind your country
Difficulties we left behind in the country of origin and aren’t completely resolved
Your confort zone
Leave our comfort zone require psychological flexibility which is something we can work in therapy.
Counseling for expat in Spain - Arzak Psicología

Expat counseling

A professional psychologist can guide you through this whole process and facilitate your adaptation by accompanying you along the way.

The possibility of receiving therapy in your native language is key in achieving a deep understanding of your difficulties and obtaining successful results.

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