Adult Counseling

50 minutes/session

Depresión y trastornos depresivos


This mood disorder is characterized by feelings of sadness and/or hopelessness, apathy or not being able to enjoy activities you used to do.

Tratamiento terapéutico psicológico para la ansiedad


Emotional response that can turn dysfunctional and consists mainly in constant worry and fear, racing thoughts and a variety of physiological symptoms.

Psicólogo Trastornos de la Conducta Alimentaria Bulimia, anorexia


These include anorexia, bulimia and binging disorder. It refers to difficulties for the person in the relationship with food, frequently related to emotion dysregulation.

Regulación emocional


It is a major component in many psychological disorders. It is related to learning how to express and experiment intense emotions.

Trastornos de la personalidad


Dysfunctional patterns of behavior deeply rooted and stable over time that hinder different areas of the person (work, family, social ...)

Ayuda psicológica para afrontar el Duelo


The loss of a loved one can cause great suffering and can be hard to overcome. It also involves the acceptance of other losses such as being fired, getting a divorce or having an illness.

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