Chronic illness

Psychological support for patients with chronic conditions

Terapia Psicológica orientada a pacientes diagnosticados de enfermedades crónicas

Many patients are referred from their doctor or specialist to a psychologist as a fundamental part of their treatment. Coping with the diagnosis of a chronic disease is a very stressful event that involves great change and difficulties. On the other hand, despite the fact that a psychological origin of so-called functional disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or Fibromyalgia has been defended in the past, today there is an agreement that this explanation is not satisfactory and that it is more likely they have an organic origin. From this perspective the role of psychology is not relegated, but it is clarified in what way this is key in the support of these patients.

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Elena Arzak Psicología

Psychological help leads to an improvement in the quality of life and a good management and course of the disease, so it is essential to go to specialized professionals. Within the psychological therapies, a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and third generation therapies is the best option available, always applied according to individual needs.

For all these reasons, psychological help can be needed in many aspects:

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