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Psychological Therapy adapted to your needs

Areas of expertise

Terapia para adultos en Madrid y online

Adult counseling

50 minutes/session in any of the options available and oriented for different mental issues such as depression, anxiety, emotional regulation, grief...

Psicología en la salud

Expat support

Living, working or studying abroad can be a challenging experience forcing us to face difficulties in different areas for the first time

Sesiones de Mindfulnes


Mindfulness based therapies consisting in the practice of meditation can help you regulate your emotions and be more present


Frequently asked questions

There are many psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, etc. that cause great discomfort, pain and affect important areas of people’s lives. In all cases you can benefit greatly from psychological therapy. In addition, it can also be a tool for personal and professional growth, helping you achieve your goals, supporting you during difficult situations or improving the quality of life of people with chronic diseases. If you are not sure if you need therapy do not hesitate to ask for a professional consultation to give you the best advise.


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